Cornerstone Building Concepts

Cornerstone Building Concepts is the premier choice in the Tampa Bay Area for all your custom building needs. Specializing in new construction and custom additions since 2002.

Our Process

The construction process can be complex and challenging. Fortunately, Cornerstone Building Concepts takes the hassle out of the construction process for its customers. We manage all aspects of the job from start to finish so that you can simply relax, sit back, and enjoy your new living space.

Your project will advance through the following process:

Project Estimation The Estimator conducts the initial site visit to your home and is responsible for working with you to make sure that your project is feasible, fits within your budget, and fulfills your needs.

Design At Cornerstone Building Concepts we have a project designer on staff to help you develop plans that meet your design expectations and budget. Our designer specializes in custom homes and residential additions. It is very important that your plans reflect exactly what you want your addition to look like when it is completed. Changes made while your project is under construction cause delays and increase your job cost. Using our staff designer also insures that if any changes are done during construction they will be done in a timely manner. If you already have architectural drawings our Project Estimator will work with your architect to ensure that the plans reflect exactly what you want so that we may price you out accurately from the beginning.

Scope Review After you are satisfied with your project design, you will meet with the Project Estimator for a Scope Review. At Cornerstone Building Concepts, we have found the Scope Review to be very useful for ourselves and the customer. During the review, the Project Estimator will go over all aspects of your job to be certain that it reflects exactly what you want and that we understand the scope of your project down to the last nail.

Bid Appointment After the Scope Review, the Project Estimator is able to calculate the exact cost of your job. This price and the exact scope of work are incorporated into a Cornerstone Building Concepts contract. The Project Estimator will meet with you to review the price of your job and the scope of services that Cornerstone Building Concepts will provide for you. If you are satisfied with the scope of work and price, you sign up, and we get started on your new addition!

Planning & Permitting During this phase of the process, we begin to gather all the documentation and information necessary to submit a permit application to your local building department. Depending on your project, your property may be surveyed if it hasn't been surveyed in the last year, soil testing will be performed, and subcontractors will be selected to work on your job and the permit applications will be completed. It doesn't seem like a lot is going on during this phase of the process, but planning and permitting your job actually require a great deal of work.

Plan Review During this step, we will submit a permit application to your local building department and other outside agencies required for your permit.

Plan review consists of different Building Department officials reviewing your application. These officials usually include a member of the following disciplines: zoning, building, structural, electrical, plumbing, mechanical (HVAC), engineering and landscaping.

Local building department plan review normally takes between 4 to 6 weeks for initial review, depending on the complexity of your addition and the building department workload. We coordinate any corrections required with your architect until your permit is issued.

Construction When your permit is issued by the building department, we will contact you to schedule a pre-construction meeting. During this meeting your project is scheduled and we review any changes to your plans that may have been required by the building department as a condition of your permit. We will give you an overview of the construction process, make you aware of what to expect and will learn about any special needs you may have. Most Cornerstone Building Concepts jobs are constructed in 14 to 18 weeks, depending on the complexity of the project.

Project Closeout When construction on your addition is nearly complete, we will schedule a walk-through of your job and prepare a punch list of completion items necessary to finish your job. At the same time, all the final paper work will be prepared to close out your contract. When all the work is completed, you will receive a Certificate of Completion from your local Building Department for your files. This Certificate is your proof that the addition was built to code and is in complete compliance with all Florida Building Code rules and regulations.